Abstracts received

Abstracts received for 25-26 February 2011 workshop

Banning, E. B. Critical Examination of the Relationship between Climate Change and Cultural Changes in the Sixth Millennium BP. Download pdf.

Bar-Matthews, M. and Ayalon, A. Mid-Holocene climate variations revealed by high-resolution speleothem records from Soreq Cave, Israel and their correlation with cultural changes: emphasis on the so-called 5.9 kyr BP event. Download pdf.

Brooks, N. Interrogating the relationship between environmental and cultural change in the 6th millennium BP. Download pdf.

Clare, L. and Weninger, B. Social Vulnerability and Cultural Cycles during the Holocene in the Eastern Mediterranean. Download pdf.

Clarke, J. Settlement dislocation and cultural “de-intensification” in Cyprus and the 6th millennium BP boundary. Download pdf.

Cremaschi, M. and Zerboni, A. The mid-Holocene transition in the central Sahara: climatic forcing and landscape response. Download pdf.

Philip, G. The expansion of settlement in the Orontes valley region during the 4th millennium BC: a case study. Download pdf.

Roberts, N. The lake sediment record of the 6th millennium BP climatic transition in the eastern Mediterranean region. Download pdf.

Rosen, S. A. It Ain’t Simple: Patterns of Settlement Dynamics in the 4th Millennium BC in the Negev. Download pdf.

Tafuri, M. A. and di Lernia, S. The transition from Middle to Late Pastoral Neolithic in the Akakus and Messak (SW Libya, central Sahara). Skeletal evidence, isotopic data and funerary practices. Download pdf.

Weninger, B. Forecasting Societal Change due to Climate Variability. Archaeological Case Studies for the the Millennium calBP in Southeast Europe. Download pdf.


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